My son…


I want you to know that no matter what you do in life, no matter what you choose to study, and no matter what decisions you make, I am and will always be proud of you. I know that you can do everything and anything you set your mind to. There are so many times that I watch you and wish that I could be like you. You have shown me so many ways at looking at life and I’m very grateful for you and am extremely blessed to have you in my life.

I am strict, hard-headed, stubborn, sometimes not very fun, and push you too hard at times. I know that you will not understand this now, but I do everything I do because I love you that much. Even when I scold you, it’s because I know that you can do better and I want you to grow to your potential. When I am upset that you speed through your prayers, it’s because I want you to grow strong in your relationship with God so that you will never be alone. When I want you to eat all of your food and only get what you ask for, it’s because I want you to understand that some people do not have enough food to eat at all. I want you to take your time with your homework and to read as much as you can because I want you to learn to be patient and diligent in all that you do and be as educated and well rounded as you can possibly be. When you aren’t putting in all of your effort, I push you and push you and push you because I want you to know your full potential and that you can always push and push and push to do even better than you did before.

But…. sometimes….. sometimes….. I might push too hard. Sometimes I may even say things in not such a nice way that it actually makes you do less and not try at all. I think that sometimes this will push you more because that’s how I AM WIRED to think, but you are not me and I need to understand that you are who you are and who you are is lovely.

I hope that because you are so head strong that you will be able to stand up for everything that you believe in no matter what anyone else thinks. I hope that your bossy attitude can direct a group of people out of danger should that ever arise. I hope that because you tend to talk louder than others when you are excited that someone who is sad will be able to overhear your conversation and will be able to smile at something for that day. When you have a girlfriend or wife one day, I hope that your silly humor at completely inappropriate times can stop an argument between the two of you and you can just laugh with each other. May your sense of style help you to continue discovering your own unique ways in life so that you can set yourself apart from others and that maybe someone important will remember you and notice how important you are. I hope that the energy that you have that seems everlasting will rub off on someone who needs a little pick up to get their day started or for you to keep going on for your own children oneday. I really hope that the love you have for God will continue to grow and the fire continue to burn because He will be there for you always when no one else will. Like air, you may not see Him but He is always there. I also hope that your “roll off the shoulder” type of attitude is useful for you at some point in your life when someone may just be having a bad day and to end the cycle it just takes you saying that “It’s no big deal”.

I love you and everything that you do. I will always push you to be the best that you can be, I will just learn to do it in a positive way. I will always be proud of you, even when you fail. I will always love you even when you feel like you don’t love me. I will always support you even though I may not support your decision. I will always always be there for you even if one day I am not on this earth.

You make me a better person because you let me fail and still love me. Through your compassion and grace, I am able to see my flaws and tune them to be like you. Like you. Because I love who you are and don’t want you to change for anyone.

I love you for forever,